Sunday, 11 May 2008

Jeziorki to Nowa Iwiczna and back

A few snapshots from my walk to Nowa Iwiczna and back. Above: Passing trains between Nowa Iwiczna and W-wa Jeziorki. To the right a rake of empty coal wagons returning to the sidings at W-wa Okęcie, hauled by diesel loco SM42 526. To the left, the Białystok to Kraków express, hauled by electric loco EU07 531. This shot shows nicely the non-electrified single track to Siekierki power station that runs parallel to the main Warsaw-Radom-Kielce-Kraków line between W-wa Okęcie and Nowa Iwiczna, where it swings off to the east.

Returning home, I took in what was left of the rampa na kruszywa. As I was ascending the incline, I spotted something in the sky. At first, I thought it was a kite, but the string was not attached to the ground. It drifted down. I came down from the ramp to see what it was. A helium balloon in the shape of a mobile phone. ROSWELL! ALIEN ARTIFACTS!

The ramp will no doubt soon be gone. All the signs seem to point to a huge housing development. As I wandered around, another photographer (below left) came up the embankment, pushing a mountain bike. His intention is to get some pics up on Google Earth - so take a peek there in six weeks time! Look for the rampa here: 52° 6'23.59"N, 20°59'48.12"E

Down from the ramp, in the fields en route to ul. Karczunkowska, I heard this skylark (below) proclaiming his fitness in the pure spring sky. This individual could sing; the entire sky (when not filled with the sound of aircraft coming in to land at Okęcie airport) resonated with his call. I only wish I had a longer lens like an 80-400mm zoom to bring him in closer.


Aphelion said...

As always, great photos - it's a shame the rampa and the rails will soon be gone! The Roswell comment made me giggle. The truth is out there! :-)

Michael Dembinski said...

A few years ago I told Eddie as we strolled around here: "Many years from now, you'll show your grandchildren the decaying Rampa shopping mall and you'll explain that it's so called because once upon a time there was an aggregates unloading ramp here. And they won't believe you!"

Anonymous said...

Generalnie blog jest dobry. Fajnie że ktoś takie rzeczy zauważą i dokumentuje. A co do tego balonika, spytam tak z ciekawości - nie zauważył Pan może czegoś dziwnego w tej okolicy? Pamiętam że jakieś 4-8 lat temu, patrząc od strony Pyr, parę razy widziałem w nocy dziwne światła na zachodnim niebie. Nie wiem co to było ale nie wyglądało jak samolot.

Michael Dembinski said...

Prawda jest gdziez tam! (The truth is out there!) Widzem wiele swiatel w nocnym niebie nad Jeziorkami, ale jestem 100% pewien, ze to samoloty badz gwiazdy. Badz satelity. Natomiast, 'I want to believe!'