Thursday, 18 July 2019

Local round-up

A vanilla-flavoured post to capture the everyday progress of life in Jeziorki under an increasingly humid sky. The heatwave has passed but is due again, the air heavy with threat of downpour.

First, a catch-up on the snail's pace work on the Karczunkowska viaduct; into the second half of July and progress since the last deadline (end of May) is limited to the crash barriers and ballustrades at the top of the bridge. Still very much to do. Thirteen pedestrian crossings needed.

Below: to the west of the railway tracks, there's still no asphalt for the unfortunate residents of Karczunkowska. Three days ago, this was a mudbath.

Below: cars are not yet crossing the bridge, and yet its walls are already sprouting plantlife.

Below: from the top of the viaduct, new views of the every-changing skyline of Warsaw. I can count 14 cranes in this one photograph.

Below: storm cloud at sunset, ul. Trombity.

Below: Polish government Boeing 737 coming in to land over our garden.

A good year for the swans on our ponds, not so good for the grebes; our annually-visiting swans, male 2KC1 and his mate delivered eight cygnets in May of which seven are still alive; four seen below swimming with their parents. The reeds are getting ever-higher and choking the southern end of the ponds.

The remaining three are on their own at the other end of the northern pond, about 250m away. Two of the trio are seen below (the other sibling's out of shot to the right). Have they been abandoned by their parents, or have they struck out on their own?

Below: Jeziorki house at night, ul. Trombity.

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