Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Three years on, still no viaduct for Karczunkowska

To no one's surprise let alone mine, the third anniversary of the closure of the level crossing on ul. Karczunkowska, has come and gone and there's still no sign of the viaduct opening any time soon.

So I shall mark the occasion with the third in a series of commemorative postage stamps.

My previous forecast of the viaduct being open in time for the start of the new school year on 2 September (which would coincide with the new bus timetables) is unlikely to be proved right. More likely is this conspiracy theory currently doing the rounds. All infrastructure projects are to be finished ahead of the parliamentary elections (on Sunday 13 October), so the nation can give thanks at the ballot boxes to the genius who made all this happen! But still that's leaving it a bit late - there's so much to do, not least the road signs, road markings and 13 pedestrian crossings.

Most of all - the level-access lifts. There are four of them, and in every new rail infrastructure project, they are the Achilles heel - for some reason, there's always delay in getting the lifts approved once installed.

December 2019? Anyone for a bet?

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