Sunday, 27 May 2007

Late May reflections

A week on from Thomas Bewick's "most beautiful day" and the year has turned; the air is hot and sultry, the grass decidedly yellower than a week ago, swarms of insects (thankfully not biting ones) infest the air. More summer than spring now, nature is mature, fecund. Warsaw is full of seeding poplars, their white down blowning into urban corners like snow. Not much around Jeziorki, nor of poppies, much in evidence around the city's green verges. Here, cornflower in blossom is the predominant sight.
In the UK, the cornflower is endangered due to overuse of herbicides. Here, it is abundant. Above and below are two fields on ul. Sarabandy, the road running parallel to ul. Trombity.

Like ul. Trombity, ul. Sarabandy has the same mix of suburban and rural and is a charming street to walk down at dusk, the air full of the scents and sounds of summer.

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