Tuesday, 1 April 2008

We are One

A year ago, I posted my first post on the Jeziorki blog. It was meant to be a year in the life of Jeziorki, but the blog has grown, and will remain. With current traffic between 20 and 40 visits a day (there, I broke the first rule of blogging!), I've decided to stick with it.

Eleven years ago as the internet was just getting going, I opined that "In the future I will have my own global TV station with a worldwide audience of ten people". Well, it's not TV (yet). And my audience figures are slightly greater than ten - but only slightly.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and keep blogging furiously!

Within 10 yrs shalt thou be blogging from an internet cafe in SHELL LAKE - your gleaming Harley Davidson Knucklehead outside the cafe; your compatriots musing into their coffees, staring longingly at the short-order waitresses! Lumberjacks staring at us, chewing matchsticks, wondering if a 'fight' is in the offing! The scent of utter freedom on the air. White collarism burnt on the altar of existential desire!

Frater Obsidian Methnod III - quarter Master and Seargeant - at -arms WARLOCK MC {UK}

AdtheLad said...

Love the blog mate. Many happy returns!!
Love the pace, love the shots, love the penmanship and love the heart.

I only worry is that someone'll drain that marsh area or build too many houses nearby so that it will dry out ( although it is in the 'obszar ograniczonego uzytkowania' doesn't mean it's safe). Do you know who it belongs to? What do the neighours think of it?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Michael!

This blog is certainly worth keeping going beyond your original deadline and I, for one, shall continue to enjoy reading it.

Doesn't matter if it's 4,000, 400, 40 or 4 people reading as long as you're enjoying what you're doing.

Have to wait until October 20th for my first year as a blogmeister.