Wednesday, 18 June 2008

God Save The Queen - I mean it, Ma'am!

Six popes. Ten American presidents. Yet only one British monarch reigning in my lifetime. Yesterday, I celebrated (along some with 500 others) the Official Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the British Ambassador's residence in Warsaw. To me, the Queen is a symbol of continuity, of the peaceful prosperous Britain in which I was born and where I grew up; free schooling, free healthcare, an inclusive, just society, a fair and courteous people.

Republics around the world have their share of frauds, drunks, liars, jades and ne'er-do-wells chosen by deluded electorates as their heads of state, but Britain continues to bask in the sublime grace of The Queen, regal and glorious. Long may She rule over her subjects. Sto Lat, Your Majesty!

Most interesting person I met at the gathering was F/Sgt Jan Janczak (rtd.). Now 93, the former Mosquito night fighter pilot with the RAF's 307 (Polish) Sqn told me his fascinating life story. A Polish Air Force pilot from 1937, he was captured by the Soviets, deported to Siberia, amnestied in 1941, made his way to the UK via the Middle East, joined 300 (Polish) Sqn flying Wellington bombers before being transferred to 307 Sqn. After the war he returned to Poland where he joined LOT Polish Airlines in 1946. Two years later, during the Stalinist period, he was arrested for spying (a fate shared by many Polish servicemen returning from the UK) and imprisoned for six years.

This time last year:
The colours of Legoland
The year approaches its zenith


Anonymous said...

God bless the grace and resilience of her precious majesty, who has forged the second Elizabethan age!

This country doesn't know how lucky it is!

Austin Gryndsman-Heidelburg {retired}

Mark Kasprzyk said...

...the Queen is a symbol...

...and that is all. But symbols are very important. Australia will become a republic because the Queen is not a significant symbol for most Australians. So what symbol will replace the Queen? Any suggestions?
BTW what or who is the equivalent symbol in Poland?????