Saturday, 24 April 2010

Jeziorki spring update

The terrible national tragedy that befell us two weeks ago eclipsed the perennial story of nature coming back to life after a long and snowy winter. Over those two weeks, leaves have appeared on trees, migratory birds have returned for the summer, the day has gained nearly an hour in length. It's time to sum up in photos how spring looks this year in Jeziorki.

The eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815 threw up vast amounts of ash into the atmosphere, creating spectacular sunsets that were said to inspire the paintings of J.M.W. Turner. Above: The sunset on 16 April, two days after the second Eyjafjallajökull eruption that caused the shut-down of aviation over much of Europe. The photo is entirely unretouched in Photoshop - it is shown as is. Compare to this photo taken the previous day. Can you see the 'volcanic lavendar'?

Above. No, not a volcano erupting in southern Warsaw - rather another rare occurence of mammatus clouds. Not as nice as these ones photographed three years ago, but an awe-inspiring sight nevertheless. These cloud formations appear in the wake of storm fronts that sweep over on warm spring evenings.

Below: Flying home to Warsaw on Tuesday 6 April, our plane passed over the end of ul. Trombity. The photo shows the extent of the flooding caused by the large volumes of melted snow. The road nearest the camera, ul. Dumki, is entirely submerged for much of its length in this picture.
Below: the wetlands, wetter than usual. The view is from the ul. Kórnicka side (the right-hand side of the photo above). The frogs, which had been croaking loudly last week, were strangely silent today. To put into perspective, compare the view with this map and post blogged over three years ago.

Below: the wetlands looking south-west from ul. Dumki towards Kórnicka. The land is extremely waterlogged, despite low rainfall this month, the water levels have not receded much. Still, I was able to do something today I couldn't do a week ago - wade in my wellies along flooded ul. Dumki.

Below: corner of ul. Karczunkowska and ul. Buszycka this morning. I've just been for water at the studnia oligoceńska, and I catch a train-load of empty coal wagons heading back to Okęcie sidings from the Siekierki power station. A classic view of Jeziorki, I think.

Right: Later in the day, walking alongside the track, I catch sight of the Palace of Culture, eight miles (13km) from here as the crow flies. The foreshortening effect of the Nikkor 80-400mm lens makes the density of farm buildings in Jeziorki seem greater than it really is.

Below: Spring in Jeziorki, ul. Nawłocka. The narrow field running alongside the road, ploughed and ready for new crop; trees in blossom, blue sky. A view that never fails to bring on those flashback moments. Another timeless classic view of Jeziorki.


Rubeus said...

Bardzo ładne wiejskie widoczki. Chyba się wybiorę tam osobiście.

student SGH said...

very nice photos. Indeed it's time to cycle around the neighbourhood. I have a request. If possible, before one of next touchdowns can you snap an aerial view of Nowa Iwiczna, slightly south-east to the one from your post dated 20 July 2008, angle permitting of course.

Anonymous said...

A classic view of Jeziorki ...

Klasyczny do 2013roku, kiedy to PLK wybudują wiadukt drogowy nad torami, a obecny peron "wyspowy" zostanie zlikwidowany na rzecz dwóch naprzemianległych peronów jedno krawędziowych.

Materiały przetargowe są dostępne na stronie PLK.

Michael Dembinski said...

Materiały przetargowe są dostępne na stronie PLK.

Z ciekawości - gdzie?

Anonymous said...

Proszę bardzo
Skrzyżowania z drogami:(pdf16.7MB)

Układ torów: (pdf58MB)

Perony naprzemianległe + wiadukt drogowy+ 3 windy dla niepełnosprawnych... Moim zdaniem marnotrawienie środków pieniężnych.
Perony naprzemianległe to model Francuski - z którego SNCF się wycofuje.
Do tego jak ZTM zamierza zintegrować parking P+R ze stacją w Jeziorkach, jeżeli dojście do peronów będzie utrudnione?

Paweł Buszycka

Michael Dembinski said...

Dzięki Pawle - b.ciekawe materiały. Kolejny wpis się szykuje!

Rubeus said...

Moja wycieczka na Jeziorki