Saturday, 13 October 2012

Rapid development in the wetlands

It's all happening very quickly. The construction plant parked up on ul. Kórnicka and halfway down Trombity is hard at work. As I related last week, ul. Dumki (below) has been made passable to tracked diggers, hardened and widened.

Below: between ul. Trombity and ul. Dumki one can see the biggest changes. Here, hectares of scrub and reed have been removed; the boggy parts deepened and turned into proper ponds.

Below: view from a four-metre high mound of earth before it's removed. From here I can take in a wide-angle shot of the terrain between the backs of gardens coming off houses on ul. Trombity looking towards Dumki in the distance. Retention ponds have been created and walled in by earthworks.

Below: A similar story off ul. Kórnicka - a deep pond has been dug, hundreds of trees and bushes cut down and a deep pond has been dug. Beyond it, ul. Dumki and in the far distance, ul. Baletowa.

How this will all look once completed is still unclear; there's still much wetland untouched, and this is where most of the wildlife congregates. I trust this will remain as it is. Below: the latest satellite image from Google Earth, from May this year (click to enlarge). Google Earth's imagery of this part of Warsaw goes back in yearly intervals to 2002 (with a few years missing ).

The map has been tilted to fit on the page, north lies to the left. Most of the work so far has been taking place at the northern and southern ends of the wetlands.

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