Sunday, 16 December 2012

Welcome to the machine, Mr Kaczyński

The other day I was listening to Pink Floyd's album Wish You Were Here (1975), looking to see if there were any musical influences from it (in particular from the first track, Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part I) that crept into Edward Artemiev's soundtrack to Andrei Tarkovsky's film, Stalker (1979). I shall let you be the judge of that (links to both below).


(Pink Floyd)

Now. while ruminating over the similarities (which I think are clearly audible, plus this Pink Floyd album would have been well-known to Moscow's artsy intelligentsia), I stumbled up the track Welcome to the Machine. I remember this album from adolescence, I had it on a mono C90 cassette and no access to the lyrics. The bleak apocalyptic atmosphere - what was it about? The Holocaust? Armageddon?

No, it turns out the song about Roger Water's sudden epiphany (and this coming from a man who'd by this time already released eight studio albums) that the record industry was about making money rather than artistic expression. Wow.

I find rich rock stars bleating about their woes in this dramatic fashion rather tedious. And politicians trying to tell us that we're victims of a machine or a system that's trying to do us all in. Hello Mr Kaczyński. Who was not interned during martial law, unlike many of his current political bogey-men of today, President Bronisław Komorowski or Gazeta Wyborcza editor Adam Michnik.

And yet he and his supporters are happy to suggest that Poland is as undemocratic today as it was 31 years ago. How very tiresome.

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tobiasz11 said...

and you are the one of the well working part of that machine Mr.Bean.



Michael Dembinski said...

As a Lemming, I thank you :)

toyah said...

I'll tell you who else was not interned. The nine miners from Wujek - they were not interned. Rev. Popiełuszko - he too was not interned. If you want to see the whole list of those who were not interned, and yet do not deserve to be part of the argument employed by those who were and their fans, you can easily find it. Surely not in the President's Office.

Neighbour said...

President Komorowski and Adam Michnik were imprisoned, not interned.

Michael Dembinski said...

@Neighbour, @ Toyah,

I'm looking at Wykaz Alfabetyczny Osób Internowanych w Okresie Stanu Wojennego, published by IPN.

adthelad said...

Michał dearest,

your response to toyah was not really on topic - much along the lines of the alinsky technique. The fact that some people were or were not interned is not a measure of their input or their significance in the underground resistance and solidarity movement.

Some politicians are trying to tell us that the powers that were are now the powers that be and it's not much of a revelation but should be kept alive in the public mind due to the change in generations.

If you ever do wish to argue the point, which of course the alinsky technique expressly forbids, regarding Poland's lack of democracy then perhaps you might enquire of those who perceive this to be the case where they see the similarities. Perhaps then a discussion of merit might take place rather than one based on snide rhetoric.


adthelad said...

I would also add that if you're going to accuse Mr Kaczyński of 'suggesting' that Poland is as undemocratic today as was 31 years ago, you could at least cite a quote and the source. I sincerely hope you will correct this 'oversight'. Otherwise one might think you're making things up.


toyah said...

14:21 was not addressed to me, was it?

AndrzejK said...

Ah thank goodness adthelad has not changed his views and there I was thinking that maybe Kaczynski's ramblings and demented statements might have lit a light. Kaczynski was released within a few hours when the milicja realised that they had arrested the wrong twin. But why let that fact stand in the way of a good conspiracy theory. May as well state that he was not interned (yes that is the correct word) as the communists wanted to ensure that he could be neutralised once Poland had regained its freedom.

Unlik adthelad and toyah I do remember what Poland was like in the communist era. Michal, Andrzej G and I drove to Poland through the East/ West German border on the day the Vopo opened the gates. And yes I remember th first bananas available for sale which are still available at ludicrously low prices. The fact that Kaczynski is quoted freely and ad nauseam by the press rather negates his theory that Poland is not a sovereign state. And Rydzyk can propagate hate and vitroil at will. The poor deluded creatures have to of course scream and shout to cover the fact that they made NO contribution to Poland regaining its freedom. The real lemmings listen to Radio MaRyja and read the prasa brukowa. The more dangerous are through and through fascists. The machine is in their minds!!!

toyah said...

@Andrzej K.
"Unlike adthelad and toyah I do remember what Poland was like in the communist era. Michal, Andrzej G and I drove to Poland through the East/ West German border on the day the Vopo opened the gates".
That is rich, indeed!
I am sure that, unlike myself, you know the Polish language perfectly, but you might have skipped this one. We call it "bezczelność". Not very easy, but still - worth practicing.

adthelad said...
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adthelad said...

Let me get this right, neither you or Michał are able to produce a quote by Kaczyński where he says Poland is as undemocratic as it was 30 years ago (in fact in his recent interview with Gazeta Polska he says exactly the contrary) and furthermore, being interned is a badge of success while not being interned isn't. That's all there is to it. There is no other truth than that. And when toyah gives examples of what was faced by those who weren't interned (as opposed to those who were) no argument is given against that either.
As you might imagine, I'm much happier going by the facts than by slander. And that is why I would dearly like to see you and Michał present the quotes from the press, or perhaps, with a bit of web search work, from the original source itself. But I will put money on it that neither of you will do that, and we all know why.


p.s. we don't remember what it was like? - hilarious - I never lived here so I can't say what living was like at first hand but did visit my in-laws a few times so have a rough idea. toyah of course lived here so he hasn't the foggiest.
Any more completely doollaly accusations you want to add to these and the others you've made? The moon is made of cheese perhaps? Or maybe, Palikot is the second coming?

Anonymous said...

Who's fucking laughing now, you PiSite TITS?