Friday, 21 June 2013

The kittens at six weeks

Well, here they are after six weeks. Sadly, Bonus didn't make it; despite three trips to the vet he died of pneumonia. But the rest are hale and hearty, and at that age where playful kittens make everyone go 'ah'.

Above: Czester ('Czestuś'), the first born. Eats more than his siblings, less likely to use his claws on furniture or human hands. The most friendly of the trio.

Above: Feluś, the second born (I actually witnessed his birth). A natural-born scrapper, always in a fight with this brother or his sister, huge fun to watch.

Above: Izadora (born on St. Izadora's Day, Izia for short). The third-born, the only female in the litter, who gives as good as she gets when it comes to tussling with her older brothers. Prefers milk and cheese to meaty kitten-food.

In another six weeks, it will be time to part with Feluś and Izia; they will go together to a good home (if you feel like taking on these lovely kittens and you live in the Warsaw area, do let me know!)

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