Thursday, 3 October 2013

New shop or shopping centre for Jeziorki?

While in London last week, I received a tip from near-neighbour Marcin Daniecki (a big thanks!) that there's some construction going on by the old rampa na kruszywa site by W-wa Jeziorki station, just off ul. Karczunkowska. Marcin tells me that a Biedronka supermarket is being built here. Good news! Biedronka is famed for its quality Portuguese wines, and the more choice and the more competition the better when it comes to food and drink.

Below: a rough idea of where the new store will be (yellow box), superimposed on a Google Map (click to enlarge). Towards the top of the pic runs ul. Karczunkowska, with ul. Puławska some 1km to the east. The Warsaw-Radom railway line runs north-south down the map, with the island platform of W-wa Jeziorki station visible. The bus loop, where the 209 terminates and N83 night bus does an about turn, is visible on Karczunkowska to the right of the station.

A Google search (Karczunkowska+Biedronka) gives further information: the architects are TrybońPPI, and Technoprojekt will be building the shop and all the required infrastructure (HVAC, water and sewerage).

Below: looking east from the railway line. In the distance, the Sika warehouse. In the middle foreground, the new shop will appear.

Below: looking south from ul. Karczunkowska. As can be seen, the site's a fair distance from the main road. Ready-mix cement trucks are busying themselves around the foundations which the excavators are digging. To my layman's eye this looks like a brisk tempo.

Our new Lidl on Puławska was built in around nine months, but this looks like a more serious undertaking given its location quite some way off the main road. There are many questions that I'd like answered - the old rampa site is huge; the original plans by Spanish developer Sando Inmobiliaria have evaporated like a shallow puddle on a hot Andalusian afternoon. The plans envisaged several hundred houses and flats stretching out along the east side of the railway track towards Nowa Iwiczna.

The rampa was pulled down, and for years the land lay fallow, waiting for the economy to recover.

The land is still there - I'm delighted it will not be given over for housing (yet more cars trying to force their way into town along ul. Puławska). So if a Biedronka is to be built here - what else? A car park, for sure; although the retailer will not want Park+Riders leaving their cars here all day while they catch the train to town.

What will happen with the rest of the land, south of the Biedronka site? Who now owns this land (a distressed asset/fire-sale from a developer in trouble?) Other retailers? (a bookshop, an arts cinema, an English pub, a steak restaurant, a bicycle superstore, a camera shop?) Will there be a footbridge or pedestrian crossing from the railway station direct to the new Biedronka? Or will people have to walk a 400m detour to get here and get back to the train?

We shall wait and watch, following the most excellent pages on Skyscraper City, in particular posts on the [Ursynów Inwestycje] and [Piaseczno] Inwestycje sub-forums.

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Neighbour said...

I can't agree with you, this is not the best news for the community :-(

- definitely more traffic on a street without pedestrian pavement along it
- access through a difficult crossing (at an angle, no road lines, no traffic lights, nothing
- more rubbish in surroundings.

See the traffic and rubbish generated just around small shop on Buszycka/Karczunkowska.

Do we really need a shop by the door?

Best regards,

Marcin said...

Yes, we do. Cos, if I urgently need a salt, pepper and a box of milk, while I have a soup just cooking on a gas range, then I'm able to buy it throughout of teens minutes instead of making a journey taking some of thirty minutes forth and back (each), not taking into account the time to spent in a cue up to cashiers stand. You got it?

Neighbour said...

Eeeasy Marcin,

There's still a shop on the other side of Buszycka, no need to change your kapcie :-)
They may not have too much on shelves, but salt and milk should still be there.
Or maybe you are excited to find another beer can or vodka bottle under your pigwa every other day?