Friday, 27 December 2013

New Yuletide pastime

My brother, Wujek Marek, has come up with an ingenious combination of Scrabble and Monopoly. Scrabopoly is played without dice; instead the number of spaces your counter moves around the Monopoly board is determined by your score on the Scrabble board. The two games are thus connected. Instead of your progress being decided by fate, it's decided by your strategy - you choose where you want to land and find a word that can get you there - or a second-best word if you've not got the right letters. You can, of course, buy, sell or swap letters (and property titles). This is the perfect antidote to boardom caused by over-playing one's favourite board games!

Above, from left: Eddie, Cousin Hoavis and Moni sit around the Scrabopoly boards. Family history in the making.

Wujek Marek also hand-painted a giant Scrabble board on a large piece of cardboard (four times the regular size) using several sets of Scrabble letters, this has also proved popular at this festive time.

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