Sunday, 5 January 2014

Locally, it's the little things...

Out of curiosity I did a little detour on my way home from the supermarket - has my request via the Capital City of Warsaw's 19115 service to fix the road-sign ahead of the pedestrian crossing been heeded? Yes it has. Marvellous! I notified the authorities on 18 December, and at some stage between 20 December and yesterday, the sign had been fixed.

Out of three my interventions to 19115, this being one, tidying the mess on ul. Kórnicka being the second and a pavement for ul. Karczunkowska being the third, two have been fixed. The pavement issue is a big ask, involving the purchase of land contiguous to the road. But even so, the 'call 19115 fix-my-street' initiative seems to be working.

One of those little things that puts me in an optimistic state of mind when it comes to the way I look at Poland - improving, slowly, in so many different areas.

Fallen: the way it was, just before the Christmas break.
Reasons to be cheerful, indeed.

Staying on matters local, near-neighbour Marcin Daniecki informs me of a new housing development that's received planning permission on ul. Kurantów, just across the railway tracks. No details of how many, just to say that they will be detached and semi-detached houses.

The plot of land prepared for development by the tracks on ul. Gogolińska (see this story from May 2011) lies undeveloped to this day; the developers are facing hard times even though the rest of the Polish economy has emerged from the global crisis in fairly robust shape. But these plots have much going for them - they are inside Warsaw's city limits and well-located for public transport. We shall see.

And the Biedronka store is coming on nicely - turn right on the corner of the top photo (and indeed behind and to the left of the lower photo, thanks Neighbour) - I'm looking forward to a nice selection of Portuguese wines becoming available after the end of Lent.

And talking of Lent - it's a late one this year - Easter Sunday falling on 20 April, with Lent kicking off 46 days earlier on Ash Wednesday, 5 March. I'm slowly starting to get ready...

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Neighbour said...


Biedronka will be on the LEFT of this photo. Hopefuly there will be also a zebra across Karczunkowska and properly marked road crossing.

Best regards,

Marcin said...

This winter-spring time some sparrows chirp, that an entrance road up to Biedronka has to be constructed from the Mysiadło direction. Unfortunately, I can't say why (although I know a reason), just because if a given enterprise has to read this, then this might cause some of lawsuit problems whether either for me or Mike.