Saturday, 5 April 2014

Happy 91st to my father!

Friday's Gazeta Stołeczna states that there are currently 3,430 soldiers from the Warsaw Uprising still alive, average age 89. Given that the maximum number of Polish combatants taking part in the fighting has been estimated at up to 49,000, with 16,000 being killed or missing, that leaves one in ten of the survivors still with us, 70 years on. A goodly number. My father is one of the 3,430; today he celebrates his 91st birthday.

Here is a birthday portrait of my father Bohdan with my mother Marysia (86), a study of optimism and strength in old age together.

My father is still active, moving around without a walking stick; on Sunday he walked the 480m from home to the Polish chapel on Courtfield Gardens in nine minutes - a very brisk pace of over 6 km per hour! As I've written in the past, I get great strength and inspiration from my parents at their advanced age and wish them a vast amount of health and happiness - may they enjoy life as fully as possible for as long as possible (and thank you for the genes)!

This time last year:
My father at 90

This time two years ago:
An independent Scotland - what if?

This time three years ago:
Królikarnia - Warsaw's 'rabbit house'

This time six years ago:
My father at 85


Liz said...

Sto lat! The portrait is wonderful and infectiously communicates the optimism and strength you mention. We have one of the 3,429 other combatants in our street. He is not, alas, in the form your father is, but his wife (a survivor of Ravensbruck)is amazing.

adthelad said...


AndrzejK said...

They broke the mould with our parents generation!!

Dwieście lat!!!

Unknown said...

They are certainly part of what Tom Brokaw called 'The Greatest Generation".

My father was in England, France, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany during the war. Mom was one of the 'Rosie the Riveter's' during the war assembling war planes in NY.

All the best to your dad!


Paddy said...

Sto lat!