Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A return to the Llyn Peninsula

Very limited access to mobile networks and wi-fi, so a brief holding post for the time being - on Saturday Eddie and I arrived in Penrhos on North Wales' Llyn Peninsula for a week. My brother and his family are staying nearby. More to follow as bandwidth permits. Photos prove good weather (for now at least!)

Below: the road winds on forever - beyond Llithfaen, the hills of the Llyn out on the horizon. It is evening, gone eight pm; the sun is setting over the Irish Sea.

Below: Porth Oer, the whistling sands. Beloved beach on the north coast of the Llyn, the tide retreating. The sea is very cold on the north coast - warmer on the peninsula's south and west-facing beaches, warm enough to swim. But not here, even on a hot day.

Below: the crash of waves, sand between the toes, the ragged, barnacle-covered rocks. At low tide, a second beach becomes accessible, a small sandy cove.

Below: seagulls getting increasingly confident on the presence of humans - a sure sign of breadcrumbs and crisps.

Below: on a training flight, an RAF Lockheed Hercules flies over a yacht race in Cardigan Bay.

Below: looking eastwards across the peninsula, The Rivals to the left, Snowdonia starting to rise on the right.

This time two years ago:
Our flight home delayed by over nine hours

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Anonymous said...

Majestic photographs...may the sands whistle for you...

Frater Albrights