Friday, 17 October 2014

Nocturnal mist descends on Jeziorki

A foggy night in Warsaw. As my train arrives at Jeziorki, the fog is much denser than in the city centre. I have my camera with me; some atmospheric photography will emerge.

"Train passenger to Radom departs from Track One Platform One"

Stepping out into the milkiness: ul. Karczunkowska, by the bus loop

PKP Jeziorki bus stop 02

Corner of ul. Nawłocka, the Sika warehouse in the distance

The level crossing gates behind me open, cars start to pass

Approaching the turn-off for Biedronka

Midway between Nawłocka and Trombity

Nearly home... Photo shows effectiveness of rear fog light on car

A 715 bus heading west towards P+R Al. Krakowska
And thence homewards to look at the photos on my computer!

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