Thursday, 16 April 2015

Blossomtime sublime

Spring bursts forth in flower as it does each year; with a crystal blue cloudless sky, enhanced by a polarising filter, the Mood Sublime is once again attained. Photos worth clicking on to enlarge, and contemplating the transient nature of blossom.

Below: blossom in Powiśle (Rozbrat)...

Below: blossom in Powiśle (ul. Kruczkowskiego)...

Below: blossom in Jeziorki (ul. Karczunkowska, by the station)...

Below: blossom in Jeziorki (ul. Achillesa)

Below: blossom in Jeziorki (ul. Nawłocka)...

Below: blossom in Jeziorki (ul. Trombity)...

Below: blossom in Jeziorki (ul. Trombity)...

This time three years ago:
Novotel Forum clad in Orange

This time four years ago:

This time five years ago:
Icelandic volcano shuts down NW Europe air traffic

This time seven years ago:
Large, charismatic fowl

This time eight years ago:
Antonov An-26 in the twilight of its career

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