Saturday, 12 March 2016

Radom line modernisation update

Tomorrow I'm off to London for nearly a fortnight. Here in Poland, winter drags on, interminably. Chilly, damp gloom, not a hope of a ray of sunshine, nature still awaiting the signal to awake. Snow and rain forecast, +1C for Monday/Tuesday. Meanwhile in London, I can expect a sunny +9C tomorrow afternoon.

Time to upload this week's photos to show how work in progressing on the Warsaw-Radom line. In particular, the section that interests me the Most - Warsaw - Okęcie - Dawidy - Jeziorki. So then...

Let's start at W-wa Okęcie station, Thursday morning. Below: the footbridge over the S79 (just visible in the right of the frame) is being extended across the railway line towards ul. Kłobucka. This will make it easier to walk from W-wa Okęcie to the airport (a 15-minute walk).

Below: photo taken from the end of the S79 footbridge, my back to the wheelchair lift. I can now see why the footbridge had to wait - the trackwork is a different project, and a different budget.

Below: under the footbridge. Until it's ready, passengers coming from either sides of the track have to cross over to the platform at ground level. It's muddy but doable.

Below: W-wa Dawidy station, Friday evening, looking north. The new 'down' platform is being built to the left of the frame. The new track will extend into the distance. Once laid, the rest of the old island platform will be demolished, and all traffic between W-wa Okęcie and Piaseczno will run single-track on what will be the 'down' line.

Below: W-wa Jeziorki station, this morning, looking south. The new 'down' platform is being built to the right of the frame. The crew was hard at work today. Even so, the amount of work still ahead is huge. And a viaduct will be built over the tracks.

Below: W-wa Jeziorki station this morning, looking north. To the right of the frame you can see that many more trees have been cut down. In the foreground, ul. Karczunkowska crosses the tracks. The viaduct will replace the level crossing, the level crossing keeper's hut will be demolished.

Below: bonus shot, in the Tunel Średnicowy, between W-wa Śródmieście and W-wa Ochota. My train was held at a red signal, time to lower a window (old rolling stock) and take a photo looking towards the ends of the platforms at W-wa Centralna. Magic atmosphere!

As of tomorrow, the timetable will be altered yet again, with more trains taken out of the schedule. There will be six trains fewer in each direction along the Warsaw-Radom line going through W-wa Jeziorki each day. If this helps speed up the work, all for the good. If the work is delayed and the single-line shuttle working continues into 2017... not so good.

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Sigismundo said...

Unseasonably dull and cold in London at the moment. Spring has yet to begin in earnest. For once Warsaw is barely a few days behind, if at all.