Saturday, 23 July 2016

Glorious high summer, Jeziorki

Time to celebrate high summer in this most magical part of Warsaw, the perfect rus in urbe, just 40 minutes by public transport from the centre of the most dynamic city of Central and Eastern Europe. To get this level of rurality, you'd need to travel on beyond Nowa Iwiczna, beyond Piaseczno and Zalesie Górne - it's only around Ustanówek that you reach countryside as rural as this. And yet, here I am, within the city limits of my beloved Warsaw.

Below: six of the seven swans eggs that hatched have survived to grow into cygnets, swimming in line astern. Their mother was watching from a little way off, happy to observe them growing in self-confidence.

Below: grey heron, sitting on one of the gabions surrounding the water retention ponds at the northern end of the wetlands by ul. Kórnicka.

This will be another bumper year for fruit crops. It's already been an excellent season for cherries (both wiśnie and czereśnie - the former being the sour variety), and now the apple trees are heaving with young fruit that in three months time will be large, ripe and tasty. And remember - a week's sunshine in October has the same effect as a month of summer sun. This is a wild tree standing by the side of ul. Dumki, fruit to pick aplenty this autumn!

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