Friday, 28 October 2016

Autumn in Warsaw

A few snaps from last week in Warsaw to share. Below: a classic view - all that's needed is horse-drawn trams on a cobbled Krakowskie Przedmieście. This is taken from the first floor corner of the Hotel Bristol.

Below: the sun shone through low clouds and mist to illuminate autumnal leaves on the corner of ul. Świętokrzyska. On either side of the road, entrances to the Metro; on this side a new one for Line 2, across the road an old one (late 1990s).

Just a few paces away, at the other end of the working day; the sun sets in the west, illuminating the north side of ul. Świętokrzyska, below.

Heading home towards W-wa Śródmieście station passing the Palace of Culture at dusk. This will be the last time until March that there's still light in the sky around the time I leave the office.

Below: eight seconds exposure at f22 as an eastbound train calls in W-wa Śródmieście. Some people standing very still, others moving about.

Below: the eastern portal of Trasa W-Z, the Stalinist underpass tunnelled under the southern fringe of the Old Town. The blue lights of the police car reflected on the wet asphalt caught my eye here.

Below: taken from our office, looking across at the ściana wschodnia (eastern wall), the 1970s development along ul. Marszałkowska. Four tower blocks, with department stores between the southernmost three, originally Wars, Sawa and Junior. On the left edge of the picture, Warsaw's first skyscraper, the Prudential building, opened in 1934, gutted during the war, rebuilt, and now being modernised again as a luxury hotel. Cranes on the skyline - a good sign.

Bonus picture for regular users of Metro Wilanowska - taken from Prudential's current Warsaw offices, overlooking the new development (on the right edge of the pic). Still a hole in the ground at this stage.

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