Thursday, 1 December 2016

Jeziorki - second track, second platform

Arriving home at Jeziorki station for the first time in almost two weeks, I step off the Radom-bound train and see the lights of an oncoming train in the distance (below). This can only mean one thing - the 'up' line is now nearly ready. Snow's falling heavily, but the temperature is +3C, so what lands is slush. Not pleasant to walk in at all.

Below: with the southbound train out of view, I zoom in on an SM42 shunter at the head of a short rake of engineering wagons. The 'up' platform is visible, lit up by the engine's headlamps. The whistle sounds, and the train moves northwards across the level crossing heading towards W-wa Dawidy.

Below: as it passes, I catch a shot of the wagon that's used to attach the overhead power lines to the supports. Right at the back of the train - a mobile toilet for the workers.

A final snap from the pedestrian level crossing (the road crossing now firmly closed for more than three months). Note the ballast on the new 'up' line is now in place. It will be interesting how far the two parallel lines stretch - certainly not as far south as Nowa Iwiczna, but to W-wa Dawidy? I'll find out at the weekend.

Prospects for swift completion of the line are good, but the viaduct that will take ul. Karczunkowska over the tracks less so. Apparently, the documentation had faults in it (this would not have happened had the project been prepared using Building Information Modelling methodology), so several months delay have crept in. Quelle surprise.

Bonus shot - as promised, here's where we are on Saturday 3 December: looking towards W-wa Dawidy from the far end of the W-wa Jeziorki station, we can see the track-laying between the two stations is complete, and now the overhead power-line crew is busy installing the cables.

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Pan Rail said...

My neighbours reported that works on tracks and overhead lines is done even during the nights.