Friday, 13 January 2017

On ice

The solidly frozen pond between ul. Dumki, Trombity and Kórnicka makes for a good walk home; getting ofp the train at W-wa Dawidy, it's a pleasure to walk across the ice; it affords good and unusual views of my familiar locality.

Below: houses along ul. Dumki as seen from the pond. There was a light snowfall today, covering much of the pond, leaving patches of bare ice. Although the temperature in town was +2C, in Jeziorki it was just slightly above zero.

Below: flashback to my Wednesday evening walk across the snow, with a waxing moon shining in a cloudless sky. Picture taken my my Nikon Coolpix P900, which is much clumsier in these conditions than my standard Nikon D3300. Battery drains faster, and the autofocus is hit-or-miss in the dark.

Below: photo from yesterday evening, taken on the D3300. With ISO set at 12,800, the dark night becomes as light as day.

Below: bright lights across the pond, the backs of houses along ul. Trombity, photo taken today.

But is it safe, you are asking? Totally. Even after two days of above-zero temperatures, the ice is totally and utterly solid. Below: fresh car tyre tracks on the ice, ul. Kórnicka in the distance.

Below: off the pond on back on the asphalt of ul. Dumki, making my way homeward.

Any season of the year, Jeziorki is a splendid place to live. Ever-improving public transport links put the city centre within easy reach of this semi-rural elysium. No car required.

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