Friday, 30 June 2017

Three and half years of health and fitness data

Here we go - end of the first half of the year, and here is the raw data - my walking, drinking and fruit-eating. Note - I've swapped doing sit-ups (they are failing to shift belly fat) for press-ups and weights (to strengthen my shoulder muscles). Thanks again to Michał Borzyskowski from Australia for the tips and regular support.

I'm walking more than ever before, with over 11,000 daily average walked every day since 1 January this year; second quarter in a row with a million paces walked. Alcohol consumption continues to drop in line with ever-more restrictive UK health guidelines (down from 28 units a week for men to 21 units, then down to 14 units for both men and women). Nearly there. And intake of fresh fruit and vegetables up slightly to 5.4 units a day (won't be long till UK health guidelines are pushed up above the current five-a-day to seven or more).

Bear in mind that this is the 'dry' half of the year, 46 days of total Lenten abstinence observed every year since 1992, and that the run-up to Christmas is always boozy. The key is to keep on keeping on with the press-ups, weights and chin-ups for as long into the summer and autumn as possible. But whatever happens, I've a good track-record to returning to a fitness kick every New Year.

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