Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Trump flies in

Two planes, one carrying Trump.  We followed them in on ADS-B Exchange, filters set to military flights only. One flew in some half an hour before the second. This is VC-25A 82-8000.

The flightpath of the first one approaching Okęcie... Note the zigzag route - this looks like some form of electronic countermeasure. I've never seen this behaviour before on ADS-B Exchange's radar before. Usually courses are shown as straight lines, or if the flight is sensitive, the pilot simply switches off the transponder. Callsign for this plane was SAM45.

And here's the second VC-25A, 92-9000 (officially Air Force One) over our house... 'Aircraft is not transmitting its callsign'.

And the flightpath as it passes over Puławska and Pyry (then the pilot switched off the transponder).

I'll be out of town during Trump's visit.

This time three years ago:
Making Poland's railways safer

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