Friday, 5 January 2018

Warsaw's Christmas lights 2017-18

As a rule, Warsaw's Christmas decorations are getting better each year; in good taste, avoiding the garish, and increasingly imaginative. Result: people come out to look, filling bars and restaurants along the way. Starting at Nowe Miasto (below), through Stare Miasto, taking in the Royal Castle, Krakowskie Przedmieście, Nowy Świat, Al. Ujazdowskie, down past Łazienki Park.

Below: ul. Freta, connecting Nowe Miasto with Stare Miasto. In the distance the illuminations around Barbakan.

Below: ul. Piwna looking up from Pl. Zamkowy

My personal favourites - an illuminated peacock, symbolic of the royal parks, on Al. Ujazdowskie...

...and a reprise from last year, a Jelcz 'Ogórek' bus, roof rack laden with presents.

Pictures taken on New Year's Day; on 30 December there was a brief power cut in Jeziorki after which the computer wouldn't reboot and had to be taken away for repair - it returned yesterday, so back to pictorial blogging!

Bonus shot, update 8 January, World David Bowie Day... [For He who gave the world Warszawa]

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student SGH said...

do you realise out of numerous representatives of Polish-English blogosphere only two of us have soldiered on?

Michael Dembinski said...

@ student SGH

Sadly so. But then look at how many record labels from the 1970s have survived to this day - and yet musicians still make music :-)

John Savery said...

Great photos. Looking forward to walking them this weekend.