Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Perivale Tryptych

Perivale! Where I left to go to Poland in 1997. Unremarkable 1930s suburban sprawl, sliced through by the railway (Central Line and Great Western Railway), by the road (the A40 Western Avenue), and, more gently, by the River Brent.

Below: looking westward towards Greenford station, an eastbound Central Line approaches Perivale. Above the train some rare relics of the GWR, some semaphore signals.

Below: the footbridge over the Western Avenue. In the distance gleams white the Hoover building, a gem of Art Deco architecture. On the horizon to the left, Wembley Stadium

Below: the River Brent dissects the Ealing Golf Club, the right bank (to the left in this photo) being in Perivale, the left bank (right) being in Ealing.

It might look pretty in the sun, but Perivale had lost its semi-rural charm to urban sprawl back in the 1930s. As far from the centre of London as Jeziorki is from the centre of Warsaw, I know where I'd rather live!

This time seven years ago:
Cycling and recycling

This time eight years ago:
Winter still holding out in the forest

This time nine years ago:
Little car, huge price

This time ten years ago:
Old school Łódź

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