Sunday, 8 September 2019

Best sandwich of all time, ever

If you like food to be strong in flavour, here's an easy-to-make sandwich which may well be the most pungent thing you've ever eaten.


1) Terminally ripe Camembert (I favour the Le Rustique brand, fait à coeur or 'well runny'), ponging to high heaven; something that has to be kept in a Tupperware box in the garage with four closed doors between it and the kitchen if it its not to make its noisome presence felt.

2) Anchovy fillets. From small jars of flat tins, they are salty and fishy in the extreme. Not often available, when they are, I buy as many as I can, they have a long storage life (up to two years). Avoid those wrapped around capers etc. Mari de Sud brand I can recommend, and from Lidl, the Filetti di acciughe in the Italiamo range.

3) Fresh coriander, the sort that grows in pots. Cut with scissors or break off with fingers, but don't apply sparingly. Not everyone likes coriander - this from Wikipedia: "Studies have shown that 80% of identical twins shared the same preference for the herb, but fraternal twins agreed only about half the time, strongly suggesting a genetic component to the preference." If you don't like coriander, you probably don't like pongy cheese and anchovy.

4) Butter - unsalted (given all the salt in the anchovies, additional salt would not be advisable!)

Bread - here, I've used a large, fresh (still slightly warm) baguette, although most breads will do. I've also plastered the Camembert on crisply toasted rye bread - equally satisfying. Slather on the ingredients generously!

I stake my claim to this sandwich. It is called the Jeziorki Reeker. Who says it's a Jeziorki Reeker? I do. I invented it in Jeziorki and it reeks. May all those who combine Camembert, anchovies and fresh coriander on buttered bread name it nothing else. It is mine. Copyright me, September 2019.

To wash it back, I recommend my favourite red wine these past few years - Primitivo. One large glass. The combination of flavours is just bound to delight anyone who enjoys good food.

Just writing this post late at night has left me salivating!

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AndrzejK said...

Certainly agree as far as Primitovo is concerned. Occasionaly available in Lidl at a ridculously low price. Not sure about corriander and cheese. But sprinkled over creamy maszeh potatoes amd served with proper English sausages...

Anonymous said...

You have a fabulous new brand of street food here or should that be 'Reek Food'. Invest in a post-war U.S. period ice cream or hot dog van, convert it and travel the length and breadth of Jeziorki purveying these prize Reekers to all coumers. Invest in pop-art Jeff Koons-style Reekers plastic neon Reeker to sit proudly atop of your mobile eatery and play characteristic snatches from Gounot's FAUST to attract custom. Ensure dispensing plungers of hot paprika Ayvar as well. Ensure Anchovies are packed overnight in purest sea salt. Alternate cheeses to include Stinking Bishop.

Frater nood fetwork

Anonymous said...

You may or may not be amused or indeed even interested to read of this Aleister Crowley recipe which has appeared in the latest Weiser Antiquarian book catalogue...

"Herring Roes, anchovies, Balachow, Curry powder, Red and Green Chillis cooked in butter. Serve hot on fried bread."

He was a notorious cook.

I kid you not.

Frater Thelema and Soror Coriander

Anonymous said...

Epoisses de Bourgogne and Surströmming? perhaps the coriander could be substituted with wormwood or maybe certain medicinal herbs if it is going to be consumed in SE5.

Michael Dembinski said...

@Frater nood fetwork

It's been a long time since I last spluttered coffee all over my keyboard!

Anonymous said...

My plate greasure! Tis a long time since my imagination has been stimulated by such a definitive and original culinary delight as the Jeziorki Reeker.

Frater Nood Fetwork