Monday, 29 June 2020

Private garden pub for the działka

I've been thinking about this for some time - to build a modest, traditional building on my działka in the style of a 18th-century English village pub. Small, simple, using nothing but brick, wood and roof tiles; no electricity, just two large fireplaces to provide heat, and niches in the walls on which to safely place candles. A bar, space for three or for round tables, and plenty of wooden shelves for fine wines and ales. On the basis of how much I paid to have the house done up, I reckon something like this could be built (and well) for around 100,000 złotys (£20,000).

A mere 34m2 footprint (7.5m x 4.5m), one room, plumbing limited to a sink behind the bar, hot water from a back-boiler in the large chimney flue. Outside lavvy, connected to the town drains.

Back view, looking in, showing the back of the bar. 3D model done in SketchUp, which I've not fully mastered (note lack of guttering)

Inside view. To the left, one of the two fireplaces. Brick-built bar topped with granite. 

Rear three-quarter view. Given that my działka is 150m long by 25m wide, there's plenty of place to locate something like this.

Just the thing for creative sessions. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

You'll find we have rebuilt "The Bear"
In Early Georgian style.


White Horse Pilgrim said...

Very nice! A few thoughts. Why so much brick in a land of wood? Why two fireplaces for one room, when it would be more economical to have one in the centre? And what about a nice balcony below broad eaves where you could enjoy a summer evening? Insulation would be useful for colder weather too - maybe even plastered straw bale construction which would also save you money? Admittedly I may be more influenced by Balkan cottages. Anyway, an excellent project.