Sunday, 17 June 2007

Sun and zenith rising

Ever nearer we approach the summer solstice. Each morning, I have been waking at around 04:00 am, observing the sunrise, then returning to bed for a few more hours' sleep. The sun rises over two large houses on ul. Sarabandy (above); these are north-east from our house. In midwinter, it rises to the south of the print works on ul. Karczunkowska. This illustration shows (pretty accurately, as we are 52 degrees north), by just how much sunrises and sunsets vary from summer to winter solstice at our longitude. Which, for UK readers, is as far north as Ipswich and Banbury.
The other end of the day: Another Sunday sunset, this one taken looking towards the railway tracks down ul. Baletowa where it joins ul. Kórnicka. The time - a little before 21:00

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