Thursday, 14 June 2007

The year nears its zenith...

We're a week from the summer solstice. The difference between day-length is minimal around solstice-time and greatest at equinox. Today at our longitude, a week before solstice, the day's length is less than two minutes shorter than the longest day. At equinox, however, each day gains (spring) or loses (autumn) four minutes. According to the astronomical tables, sunrise today was at 04:12, sunset at 21:00. [Supplementary: The above trees were all cut down on 26-27 August 2007]

This morning I woke at 03:45 to capture the pre-dawn light. The fields behind our house were wreathed in a low-lying mist. Above: A bit of the old Birnam Wood to Dunsinane, looking out towards ul. Sarabandy, half an hour before sunrise. Below, left our garden a few minutes after sunrise and below right, an hour before sunset.

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