Thursday, 29 November 2007

Shepherd's warning?

Back at Oaklands Primary School, I learnt the following English folk wisdom (don't those three words look strange together!):

"Red sky at night - shepherd's delight
Red sky in the morning - shepherd's warning"

Today I woke up a long time before dawn, and could see a spectacular sunrise on the make. With my tripod on the balcony, the camera was set up for long exposures (needlessly so, as the trees on the horizon show signs of motion). Well, the sky was red in the morning, but weather-wise the rest of the day was cold but bright. Maybe this far east, English meteorological lore doesn't hold true (too far from the Atlantic and its weather systems).

Just four and half minutes after the above picture was taken, our neighbour Grazyna had also noticed the same aerial phenomenon unfolding from her window, and took the picture below:


Aphelion said...

Wow - what an incredible picture! I love the colours, they're so intense and the cloud patterns are great, too. Your photos are very impressive!

W-wa Jeziorki said...

Thanks Nathali!

Aphelion said...

You're welcome, Michal!

scatts said...

Great colours. Wish I'd been there!