Monday, 14 January 2008

Frosty morn in Jeziorki

But only just. Night-time low was less than one degree C. below freezing, but we had some overnight fog which froze on trees, plants and grass. Photo above was taken from our front garden just after half past seven this morning; the sun has yet to appear over the horizon. Sunrise today was at 07:40, seven minutes earlier than the year's darkest morning.

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Parhelion said...

May the frosts and their gods return to the Isle of Albion. At present, we are awash and our steeples are drench'd and spouting to use a variation from Lear. Our Isle is mired in ambiguity! its weather tropical and viewed through a prism of uncertainty. Good Doctor Dee, come and evoke the Frost Gods that they may carpet our land in the hoarish delicacies of their freezing bounty. To see our land festooned in veils of frost is to be at God's table.