Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Take me right back to the track, Jack*

After being cooped up at home for three days with a shoulder sprain, at last I felt well enough to go for a walk this evening. And where better than to catch the evening atmosphere than by the railroad track, hearin' the train go clickety-clack. Above: The setting sun's last rays catch the Kraków to Olsztyn pospieszny (semi-fast) service as it passes Jeziorki station.

Below: A brand-new FLIRT set leaving W-wa Jeziorki, as mentioned in the Comments to this entry. Photo taken with Nokia N95 through windscreen and cropped heavily, hence poorish quality. FLIRT = Fast Light Innovative Regional Train.

Below: At first sight, new rolling stock for Koleje Mazowiekie, as the train passed it was clear this was a re-engineered old-style elektryczka. Indeed, this is a EW60 set that had started life in the Tri-City area before being refitted last year for use on Mazowsze's regional railways.

* From 'Choo Choo Ch'Boogie' by the inestimable Mr Louis Jordan, certainly one of the greatest musical entertainers of the 20th Century.

This time last year:
The summer sublime


adthel;ad said...

I keep enjoying the blog whilst keeping a low profile. Sorry to have missed meal last month.
Hope your shoulder heals up soon - if you feel up for a drive pop round for a real coffee and for a site inspection.

KG said...

...great, great song =) When I sing "I just love the rhythm of the clickity clack...", I see our EN57 "ciuchcia" before my eyes =)
Keep Well!

KG said...

By the way, last time I saw new Stadler Flirt Koleje Mazowieckie train between W-wa Okęcie and W-wa Dawidy. Koleje Mazowieckie bought 10 Flirts in 2008. Trains cost 222 mln zlotys.