Monday, 11 August 2008

Rainbow over Jeziorki

First day back at work and yet another accident on ul. Puławska forced me to take the back roads home. The sun was setting, the easterly sky dark with rainclouds. Ideal conditions for a rainbow - then lo and behold! there it was. Golden sunshine, golden wheat, glowering sky. A few snaps were in order. Above: The far end of ul. Trombity.

Left: ul. Dumki as it joins ul. Kórnicka. I reckon that crock of gold's somewhere between Dumki and Trombity...

Post-summer holiday note: ul. Kórnicka has had speed bumps installed. Good. This will slow down the rat-runners, who, frustrated at the speed bumps on ul. Trombity, would accelerate as soon as they get round the corner. This new feature means that for the Piaseczno rat-running community (on their WPI plates) there's now no stretch of flat asphalt on the backroads running parallel to choked-up ul. Puławska. Only trouble is, there's no alternative and the public transport's inadequate.

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