Tuesday, 17 August 2010

We shall not see its likes again

I wrote about the imminent demise of the footbridge over Puławska by ul Jagielska and ul. Drumli back in April, when a collapsing section of the bridge (right over the bus stop) caused its closure. After nearly four months, the bridge is being dismantled.

A sorry sight it is; something that's been a part of my local landscape for as long as I've lived round here (over 13 years). Left: An FSC Żuk, that iconic Polish light commercial vehicle, makes its way under all that was left of the bridge yesterday.

By this evening all that remained of the footbridge was two stumps, one flight of stairs high, on either side of the main road. By tomorrow it will all be gone - levelled with the ground.

What will happen here is still unknown - a costly new bridge - or leaving the temporary pedestrian lights (to the irritation of Piaseczno's commuters) here for good.

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student SGH said...

On Friday, while driving to work I was amazed by the sight of clear blue sky at the point where the footbridge used to be. On Monday another part (over lanes towards Piaseczno) was already dismantled. Today the whole rusty skeleton was gone.

I can't provide you with any link but I read somewhere the new footbridge is to be opened for use around late October or early November. Until then makeshift traffic lights will stay in use. The next set of lights is not that annoying, they turn red only if someone wants to cross Puławska, so they're generally harmless.

Maybe you know when the bottleneck next to Metro viaduct will turn commuting into a nightmare?