Monday, 7 March 2011

Silver birches and blue skies

After a rather overcast Saturday and a Sunday in which hail showers competed with sunshine, a return to blue skies. Walking to Platan Park this morning, I snapped this stand of young silver birches near the north end of ul. Poloneza.

And later, heading for W-wa Powiśle station, the leafless crowns of some mature silver birches in the Rydz-Śmigły park along ul. Kruczkowskiego. In both cases, the contrast between the whiteness of the tree trunks set against the blueness of the sky (enhanced by a polarising filter) grabs the eye.

Weather continuing to look good for tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm glad that the late winter is dry - the water table needs to get back to normal levels if we're to avoid a repeat of last spring's flooding.

This time two years ago:
Wetlands, late winter (2009)

This time three years ago:
Wetlands, late winter (2008)


Paddy said...

Michael, what's happened to your bloglist?!

Michael Dembinski said...

Well, I can see it (on the right, where it usually is, below my profile)... I'm using Chrome or MS IE... what browser are you using?

Paddy said...

It had disappeared on my Firefox this morning. It's back again on my IE, so all's well. I'll look again tonight.