Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Well, this is it.

Ash Wednesday. My 20th Lent in a row starts now. It's a late start this year, with Easter Sunday being almost as late as it possibly can be. As in previous years, a list of what I'm cutting out of my life for the next 46 days:
  • Caffeine (coffee and tea)
  • Alcohol
  • Meat and poultry
  • Dairy products (cheese, butter, yogurt)
  • Fast food (pizzas, French fries)
  • Salt snacks (crisps, salted peanuts etc)
  • Confectionery (chocolate, sweets)
  • Cakes, biscuits
  • Salt (no sprinkling salt on my food)
So what am I eating and drinking between now and Easter Sunday?
  • Fish
  • Fruit in abundance
  • Vegetables in abundance
  • Bread
  • Crispbread
  • Cholesterol-reducing margarine
  • Soya protein, tofu
  • Mineral water
  • Fruit juice
  • Herbal and fruit infusions
And the purpose of this self-denial?
  • To cleanse the system
  • To strengthen the will
  • To reflect on matters spiritual
For the record, this morning I weighed in at 71kg (156lb or 11st 2lbs); round the middle where I am fattest, the tape measure shows 94.5cm (37 and a quarter inches). It's here I want a reduction. I've started daily exercises in the New Year; this morning I did 85 sit-ups and 25 press-ups. From now until Easter, I'll be doing sit-ups and press-ups twice a day.

This time last year:
Half way through Lent

This time three years ago:
Spring much closer (than it is this year)


Jeannie said...

I remember when you started this last year. Is that when you made that nice Thai shrimp recipe over toast?

Wishing you much success!

Anonymous said...

What? No before and after photos?
front-facing and profile?
six-pack, or lack thereof?
tsk, tsk.

Good luck, I'll let you know how my own battle of will goes.


Jeannie said...

I'm back to say that I'm doing my own version. I'm doing gluten-free. Also trying to do more fruit, veg, and water.