Wednesday, 2 November 2011

South Warsaw transport hub

Today was my first day in our new offices on ul. Nowogrodzka 12. I will write more about the place soon, once its platzgeist or genus locii becomes more bedded down. In the meantime...

Wilanowska - known by older Warsaw residents as Dworzec Południowy (analogous to W-wa Zachodnia and Wschodnia) - is a massive transport hub through which those heading south out of Warsaw must pass to move from Metro or tram to bus. The Metro is good at delivering Ursynauers to Ursynów. But for Sandbag City dwellers (aka 'Setchno) and their wealthier brethren living in Konstacin (aka Konstancheen), you've got to get past Las Kabacki somehow. The forest is a huge obstacle, enclosing Ursynów from the south and funnelling southbound traffic either down Puławska (west of the forest) or Przyczółkowa/Drewny to the east.

Above: Wilanowska bus terminal. Between 17:00 and 18:00, a bus leaves here every three minutes down Puławska alone. In total, 23 different day buses, three night buses and five tram lines pass through or terminate at Wilanowska. Plus long-distance PKS and coaches. The volume of buses leaving here is very high - if only there were a bus lane along Puławska and Przyczółkowa and buses could move swiftly past jams of stationary motorists rather than being stationary too.

Above: the bar with the tree sticking out of its roof - a bit of Slavic whimsy to add character to the place. A recent arrival to this rather bizarre row of booths, kebaberies, kiosks and bars is a cash-only ticket office for

Above: looking north-east at the bus terminal. Between the buses and the distant blocks of flats - a three-level park+ride for 290 cars. Assuming they each take 1.5 occupants (which I doubt), the car park full holds cars for as many people as just three articulated buses could carry.

Park+Rides this close to the city centre make little sense. The cost of building the Wilanowska P+R could have bought dozens of new buses with enough money to paint a line down Puławska.

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Anonymous said...

it all seems, dark.
We turn our clocks back this weekend.
You're a little "closer" for a few days

Michael Dembinski said...

This whole 'clocks going back' nonsense is increasingly farcical. The EU should take a leaf out of Russia's book and simply scrap it (after due democratic process of public dialogue and consultation)... On second thoughts, Herman van Rompuy should just announce one Saturday evening that there will be no more time change, like Medvedev did :)