Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A hare in Wyczółki

So there I was, waiting for the 165 bus from Osmańska to Metro Wilanowska, when a hare rushes past on the other side of the street. Fortunately, I had my new 55-300mm lens on my camera, and was well placed to catch the hare's antics on pixel.

Below: the hare, for whatever reason, was heading towards town, northbound up ul. Osmańska, a street that begins in fields, passes the DHL terminal and ends on ul. Poleczki, a busy dual carriageway. We are barely five and a quarter miles (8.5km) south the very centre of Warsaw - in London terms, the equivalent distance of Streatham from Centre Point.

Below: the hare, realising the futility of continuing northbound into the face of heavy traffic, stops in mid-stride, turns around a full 180 degrees and heads back the way it came.

Below: a lovely shot as the hare proceeds along the access road leading out of Poleczki Business Park. Note the hare's ever-changing gait, its pricked-up ears and its coat, which still shows remnants of winter colouration. Click to enlarge - it's a treat!

Below: a sudden turn of speed, to get out of the way of an oncoming truck, then the hare slows down to a trot as the danger passes. Its mad dash hither and yon has attracted the attention of everyone at the bus stop. The hare saunters back to the relative safety of the grass between ul. Osmańska and Zatorze, disappearing from view just as the 165 bus arrives.

I feel a sense of gratitude for having seen it, and for being ready for it with my camera and the right lens.

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