Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bicycle shake-down day

At last! Two weeks after the clocks went forward, a week after the majority of the snow disappeared, time to buy some WD40 and put the bikes on the road. Starting with the Holdsworth Triath Elan, I get ready for the season with a 36 km warm-up ride across the river. In contrast to the excellent cycle paths from Wyścigi that stretch eastwards right across to Rembertów, ul. Puławska is still missing decent cycle facilities. City authorities take note!

How my posterior (and other muscles - notably shin and thighs) will feel tomorrow is a matter of some worry; will I be walking with a rolling, waddling gait?

In the sports shops, great business as millions of Poles shake off winter cobwebs to buy Nordic walking sticks, bicycle pumps, volleyballs, running shoes and tennis racquets. Not a minute too soon. Winter has been long, so spring will be three weeks shorter this year. May it be warm and sunny.

Below: the Vistula is high; the meltwater from downstream has raised the water level, though it's not judged to be dangerous. View from Most Siekierkowski bridge, lens at 18mm (wide)

Below: on the return leg, from more or less the same spot, with the lens zoomed to 55mm (modestly telephoto). Skyline of Our City with evening colours warm upon the face of the waters.

More about cycling in and around Warsaw in coming weeks and months.

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