Thursday, 4 July 2013

Along mirror'd canyons

Rondo ONZ, named after the institution that first set global standards for the roundabout or rondo in 1946, is one of those places where Warsaw looks convincingly modern. Always a pleasure to be invited to a meeting at Rondo 1, my favourite skyscraper in Our City, even if only to a floor half-way up.The views, on a day like today, always reward. And from ground level too! Below: More high-rises are on their way, one replacing the 1990s Mercure hotel (centre background) and another soon to replace the Ilbau building rising above the left-hand side of the photo. The building where the cranes are will not, however, grow much taller.

The building stands atop the new station, Rondo ONZ, on the second line of the Warsaw Metro, now due to open sometime before hell freezes over.

Meanwhile, I'm forgetting what ul. Świętokrzyska was like when filled with pedestrians, buses and cars. I feel sympathy for the shopkeepers and restaurateurs struggling to keep their businesses open despite dramatically reduced footfall.

Below: the view from the 12th floor, looking eastward along ul. Świętokrzyska. Click to enlarge. No tweaking  in Photoshop, just the use of a polarising filter on 10-24mm zoom lens.

Below: shot from the back of a tram heading south down Al. Niepodległości, towers from left to right: Złota 44; Oxford Tower (Elektrim II); LIM tower (Marriott) and the Palace of Culture. A strange perspective, given how close Złota 44 is from the Palace of Culture.

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