Wednesday, 3 July 2013

In the highways and the hedges

Today - an optimal day for cycling. I managed 50.65km today between meetings, lunch and home. And on the way, took time to stop off and photograph the beauty of the wildflowers that grow alongside Warsaw's minor roads and byways.

Below: poppies (mak) along the edge of a wheatfield, ul. Poloneza, this morning. Pause, dismount, snap, mount, continue.

Below: thistles (osty) on ul. Sztajerki this morning. Look upon these photos, ye motorised commuters, feel the texture of reality! Realise what you're missing out on in life!

Below: wild chicory in flower (cykoria podróżnik) along the side of ul. Hołubcowa this morning. A beautiful day, almost cloudless. Thanks to AdtheLad for correct identification!

Below: Corncockle (kąkol - sounds similar enough to 'cockle' to make me suspect it's a loanword - but in which direction?). Photographed this afternoon on Kępa Oborska. To the left, Wał Zawadowski, the flood defence wall on the Vistula's left bank. Thank you to Ania for identifying these flowers.

Below: daisies (stokrotki) this afternoon in Okrzeszyn, between the Vistula and Powsin. This is the ox-eye daisy, which is tall, not to be confused with the lawn daisy, which is short.

Tomorrow's looking like a fine day too. More cycle commuting is required; 'while the sun shines, you'd better make hay'. Summer's finery must be savoured in full.

Update, 8 July: not just out in the sticks, but in town too. Above: the corner of ul. Puławska and Domaniewska. The beautiful summer weather abides with us. To the right, a cycle path starts here, going into town, though stopping short at the junction of ul. Dolna. Can anyone identify the yellow daisy-like flowers (they're about 50cm tall...)

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adthelad said...

Ooops - what you have there my dear chap is a Cykoria podróżnik (Chichorium intybus)and not one of the Centauria e.g. a Chaber bławatek (Cornflower - Centaurea cyanus). Different petals altogether,
regards, A.

Michael Dembinski said...

Many thanks - duly noted and corrected. Right now Mr Clever-Clogs - you may identify the flowers in the update photo at the bottom of this post! :)

adthelad said...

LOL :) I certainly didn't intend to come across as a smarty pants - serves me right - this townie only knew the difference between chicory and cornflowers as my country born wife was always correcting me for the same mistake.
Your challenge certainly stumped me. Overcoming my initial panic initial my first thought was they looked like oxeye daisies only yellow, so that's what I wrote into google. I think the god's are with me today though wiki does tell me yellow oxeye daisies are easily confused with Arnica montana (commonly named leopard's bane, wólf's bane, mountain tobacco, or mountain arnica) and with Inula salicina (common name willowleaf yellowhead). However seeking the polish name gives me Kotłocznik Wierzbolistny whose leaves don't look similar so it looks like I could be wrong. Put me out of my misery please :)