Sunday, 11 August 2013

End to end: cycle ride along unopened S2 and S79

Lovely weather, no one on site, time then to go further than I did yesterday - time to cycle as far as I can along the S2 from Puławska right up to Węzeł Al. Krakowska. Traffic is now using the S2, from Konotopa where it branches off from the A2 motorway. The final section to be opened (in this phase) is that from Węzeł (junction) Al. Krakowska through to Węzeł Puławska via Węzeł W-wa Południe (or W-wa Lotnisko as it was originally known). I cycled this, and then swung along the S79 past the airport to its northern end - and back again to the S79's southern end.

So then - the best photos from my 36km bike ride today...

Looking eastwards at Ursynów. The viaduct in the middle distance is the one carrying ul. Poloneza over the S2. Blocks in the background on ul. Pileckiego.

Looking down onto the S2 from the S79; this is the infamous wanna ('bath') that runs under the railway line to Radom and the S79 expressway. At last, it is nearing completion. However, no east-west passage anywhere around here for pedestrians or cyclists. 
Why the S2 will not be opened by the end of next month - not so much the Grand Canal as the Grand Canyon. A 100-plus metre gap that needs to be spanned and asphalted, plus all the usual infrastructure. 'PZM' = Przejście dla Zwierząt Małych  ('crossing for small animals'); this small tunnel is located over the canal itself.

The S2 westbound approaching Al. Krakowska. Get in the right-hand lanes to turn off towards Ochota and the city centre. Lovely to see such beautiful infrastructure in use by nothing but bicycles! 

Finally, in the distance, traffic is coming off the S2 to join Al. Krakowska. On the other carriageway (to the right), cars joining the S2 can now drive west without encountering traffic lights until they reach Lisbon.

Recently (partially) opened, the slip-road from the airport now offers a link to and from ul. Marynarska. Note orange cross through the south-bound directions (to Sandometer).

Looking south along the S79 from the airport slip-road. To the left, an SKM train waits at W-wa Okęcie station. Note the footbridge that stops short of connecting the station platforms.
The flooded moat outside the Tsarist-era Fort Zbarz, visible from the cycle-path that runs alongside ul. Wirażowa once it's passed the airport slip-road. Wirażowa lies parallel to the S79, carrying (very) local traffic.

The view looking northwards along the S79 from the slip-road connecting the airport to the expressway. Crossed-out roadsign suggests one day this road will take you to Ursus. You have a long wait before that day.

The northern end of the S79, ending abruptly in front of an earth rampart, beyond which is ul. 1 Sierpnia. One day, the S79 will run northward of here; by what route and by when is still mucho misterioso.
Much road-building equipment is parked under the new viaducts on ul. Marynarska. Work here is reaching and end too, although there was hardly anything going on today.
South of Węzeł W-wa Południe, the S79 is about to come to an end. Despite the fact that no further work will be seen beyond here for several years, there's full lighting and barriers right to the end.
As though an earthquake has abruptly sliced the motorway - the southern end of the S2 stops dead in a muddy field. 

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