Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Metro Centrum - closed for the summer

A short post for the record. For all of July and August, Metro Centrum is closed so that the second line of the Metro can be driven across the first line at Świętokrzyska. I've been avoiding the Metro this summer, only once did I have to get across town by public transport. I did this by taking the train to Metro Politechnika, then catching a tram up towards Żoliborz.

Above: STACJA ZAMKNIĘTA - 'station closed'. It's half past eleven, hardly any one around - this is the patelnia - 'frying-pan' - usually a very busy place.

At the same time, the suburban east-west railway line from W-wa Zachodnia to W-wa Wschodnia, is closed for refurbishment. All trains crossing Warsaw have to use the inter-city main line tracks; the result is chaos at rush-hour. W-wa Śródmieście serves only a handful of trains serving Okęcie airport.

Tip for travellers - the ticket office at W-wa Śródmieście is open and completely unused. Rather than try to buy your suburban train tickets at Centralna amidst massive queues, buy them at Śródmieście and walk across to the platforms at Centralna to board your train to Radom or Żyrardów or Dęblin.

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