Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Autumn or spring?

On my way to the Embassy today along the Kanał Piaseczyński I noticed something unusual - not only were there large numbers of deciduous trees still boasting a fair amount of foliage, but that many of them were green rather than yellow or orange or indeed brown. With a blue sky as background, the scene looked Most vernal, and yet here we are in late November... (photos rendered naturally, no tweaking of colours on Photoshop)

Beech (buk)

Maple (klon)

Anyone know what this one is? (czy ktoś wie jakie to drzewo?)
The weather forecast for the next three days remains dry and above freezing (between 4C and 8C), no chance of snow then this week. If there's no snow this month, it will be the third November in a row in Warsaw.

This time last year:
Shedding light on an unused road
[it will be another eight months before the S79 opens - but for those eight months, the road was lit every night]

This time three years ago:
S2-S79 Elka from the air (there was still talk of it opening in time for Euro 2012!)

This time two years ago:
Fish and chips in Warsaw

This time three years ago:
Spirit of place - anomalous familiarity moments

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student SGH said...

November 2013 will very likely go down in the history as the warmest in my lifetime.

Forecasters already scare with the first whiff of winter, due on Monday. I bet this will be sleet rather than proper snow, and even if the latter falls, it won't linger on the ground. Nevertheless, I'd beware of slippery roads and pavements - freezing drizzle or rain might be treacherous.

No need to start compiling winter timeline so far!