Monday, 3 February 2014

Sorry, takie mamy koleje

My train to work today arrived on time - all was going smoothly until the train approached W-wa Zachodnia station. The train stood still at the signals (as often happens), then the guard ventured out of the driver's cab and announced that the train was going nowhere as there was no electricity and that he had no idea how long this state of affairs would continue. He made his announcement in a good humoured way, with the passengers laughing out loud at the continuation of the Sorry, taki mamy klimat winter on the rails saga.

The guard could see the train was not far from Zachodnia, so he took the decision to release the passengers so that those who wanted could walk alongside the tracks to the station. Checking the two WKD tracks were clear, he opened the first set of double doors manually and helped people down. Many passengers decided to take a stroll rather than wait for electrical traction to be restored.

Below: other trains were affected too. Here's an SKM service from west of Warsaw beginning to disgorge its passengers.

Below: the SOKists have failed to prevent vandals from despoiling rolling stock. If these guys want to earn the respect of the travelling public, they should take more stringent measures to ensure that vandals cannot get into train sheds at night.

All ended well; the passengers were soon making their way through the PKS bus terminal and through there to catch the many buses that run up and down Al. Jerozolimskie. I got to work some 25 later than I would have had there been no breakdown.

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Wilkbury said...

it seems that I saw you at the bus stop.
Two M-65 parkas... :-)