Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sadness at the death of Tadeusz Mosz

I rose this morning to several SMSs informing me of the death of Tadeusz Mosz, the Polish radio and TV journalist, economic commentator and presenter. He was a great populariser of economics; his daily show Ekonomia, Kapitał, Gospodarka (EKG - also the Polish initials for 'electrocardiogram') on Radio TokFM had a large following.

Tadeusz Mosz, 1954-2014
Mr Mosz campaigned against all forms of economic populism, lambasting politicians promoting uncosted ideas or ones with unintended negative consequences for the economy. He was also strongly in favour of the rule of law across the economy; against all manifestations of the grey sector. He supported the introduction of kasy fiskalne ('fiscal cash registers') in taxis and kiosks to ensure that VAT was paid in full by consumers and passed on to the state.

Above all, through his continual work of explaining how the economy functions in simple-to-understand terms, he helped his listeners appreciate the challenges facing business, the state and the consumer as Poland transformed itself from central planning to a free market.

Mr Mosz's programme would always include two questions: "Czy jesteśmy biedniejsi czy bogatsi?" ('are we richer or poorer') and "Co mnie dziwi" ('what surprises me'); the first would give studio guests the chance to explain the major macroeconomic movements of the day in terms of the average listener's wallet, the second a chance for guests to point out some absurdity in Poland's economic functioning. And given the number of online interventions from ministers and administrators, one knew his programme was listened to by highly influential people too.

Over the past five years, I have appeared over 40 times on his radio show and another seven times on his (long-since axed) TV programme, Plus Minus on TVP. He was a jovial, intelligent character, into skiing and the country life. The off-air warm-ups to his programmes would involve good-natured alpha-male bantering with this guests.

His voice will be missed by many Poles; it would be fitting for him to be commemorated in some way - not least with streets named after him.

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AndrzejK said...

A great loss. Particularly if you compare the gentlemanly way of running the audition when compared to that awful Paradowska woman who cannot survive without putting words in her interviewee's lips and has that eminently annoying habit of finishing sentences for others....

Sigismundo said...

"running the audition" - hmm, now that's not English. Some language interference, mayhap?

AndrzejK said...

That's the trouble of being bi lingual. One thinks "prowadzenie' and translates directly...