Monday, 24 March 2014

New road and retail

One for the record - the opening of a new Biedronka in Jeziorki looms ever closer. Here's the big box - waiting for the logos, the trolleys, the products, and customers. The job has been done at a good private-sector pace (I just hope the flat roof can withstand the weight of a heavy snowfall).

While the shop's nearly ready, the road connecting it to the outside world still has much work needed to get it ready. Below: diggers busy preparing the trench for sewerage early last week. Question - will this road connect Mysiadło with Karczunkowska? It makes sense to open up ul. Borówki and link it to the new store and via Karczunkowska with Jeziorki and Warsaw proper.

Below: a few days later, the trench has been dug. Recalling how long it took to complete the road-building elements of the viaduct carrying ul. Poloneza over the S2, I suspect that the owners of Biedronka will be waiting with a shop that's ready to open for the road-builders to finish and hand over the new road.

Despite the extra traffic, the appearance of a new store in Jeziorki meets with my approval, not least because the Biedronka chain (Poland's largest retailer, owned by Jeronimo Martins, a Portuguese firm) is noted for the quality and accessible price of its Portuguese wines.

Store ready in a few weeks, road ready late summer?

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AndrzejK said...

Actually the Biedronka chain does not invest in property but signs long term leases with developers. Brilliant business model. Cash only sales (no payment cards accepted), 180 day payment terms with suppliers and capital investment limited to store fit out.

I am not normally in favour of state intervention but this is clearly not a level playing field with local shop owners facing high financing costs of stock and premises.

Don't know what the answer is but as a matter of principle I try to shop at local independent stores. More expensive but the range of products is much better and staff are friendly and smile.