Saturday, 1 March 2014

Spring makes its mark in Ealing

A weekend in London, the contrast between Warsaw when it comes to the advanced preparations for spring is visible. Warsaw still feels several weeks away from those magic days when creation turns from grey to green. Here, it's happening already. London has had a wet and windy winter, without snow. My father tells me there were only three frosty mornings from early December through to the end of February. And it's worth remembering that Warsaw experienced a heavy snowfall on 31 March last year, so winter can still return there.

Crocuses in my parents' back garden...

Daffodils in my parents' front garden

Crocuses blooming in Cleveland Park, West Ealing

No room to squeeze a postcard between parked cars, Gordon Road

Edwardian parade, Ealing High St.
Shop front unchanged since my childhood: City Radio Stores, Bond St, Ealing

Shop front unchanged since my childhood: Reg Allen, Grosvenor Rd. W. Ealing

Tomorrow, I fly to Kraków.

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