Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Shots from the sky

Some aerial shots to share - taken from the BA flight from Warsaw to London, then from London to Warsaw. Flying on the left side of the plane (an 'A' seat) both ways. Below: Crossing the English coast; in the centre of the photo is Foulness Island; the Thames Estuary glinting gold in the distance. "Cabin crew prepare for landing."

Below: on final approach, over Wimbledon. Running through the frame is the London and South West railway line with its depot between Wimbledon and Earlsfield. "Please ensure your seatbelt is fastened, your tray table is in the upright position and your armrests are down."

Below: flying home to Warsaw, with the sun on the other side this time. A circular rainbow preceded the plane for much of the way back. In fact two - and you can just make out a third - and even fourth rainbow, projected over the blanket of cloud covering central Germany.

A rarer phenomenon, below. Looking like the massive stationary ripples of a rainbow explosion in 2D, the multiple circular rainbow flares out towards the bottom as it merges into the clouds over north-west Poland. Contrast and saturation enhanced with Photoshop.

Below: approaching Warsaw, with Puszcza Kampinoska to the left, and in the distance the steam from the power stations at Żerań (centre) and Siekierki (right). That's Al. Jerozolimskie heading into town from the bottom right of the picture.

Below: now the plumes from Siekierki are on the centre of the horizon as the plane turns south to make a north-westerly landing on Runway 33, which means some good aerial views of Jeziorki...

Below: and indeed, there's ul. Trombity, the lakes frozen over. Snow and ice had not been forecast before we left for England a week ago, but a light dusting coats the land, with temperatures steadily falling below zero since Christmas Day and hitting a low today of -8C.

Good to be back in Jeziorki!

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